American Feudalism?

And the march towards American Feudalism goes on… If the Tea Party Republicans get their way (and they just might), woe to the poor, woe to the working class, woe to the retirees, the infirm, the elderly. Apparently these people are all expendable. If you are still bedazzled into believing that the so-called “American Dream” is within your grasp, it’s time you woke up and realized that this fallacy is nothing but a mirage, one that has been effectively used through the years by those who seek to perpetuate the status quo. Open your eyes and realize that by supporting this campaign against Americans, or just by doing nothing, you play right into their hands. Stop following this Pied Piper right over the cliff.


2 thoughts on “American Feudalism?

  1. Reading this post just gave me a thought. The poor, the working class, the retirees, the infirm, the elderly these are all fellow Americans, right? Logic dictates, then, the Tea Party is anti-American.

    • It appears so… However, it all depends on one’s definition of “American.” My definition: American=citizen of a country conceived and founded as a haven for the oppressed, the victims of absolutist regimes, and thus following the same principles that inspired those who Founded this Nation.

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