Random Thoughts…

Sometimes random thoughts enter my brain. For instance:

Is Old Age catching?

My creative genius has left the building…

What does “nest egg” really mean? Is it the egg that goes IN the nest, or the nest that houses the egg?

Is the past really dead and gone, or does it exist in parallel to the present?

And on that note, I truly believe that “Today is nothing but Tomorrow’s past.”

We are all God’s children. We are created in His image. But Original Sin rendered us very flawed. So why have we been left here on this earth to flounder around tripping over the many human frailties that we can NEVER expect to overcome lest we be dead?

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

I tossed a coin in the air; I called heads and I got tails. I tossed another one; I called tails and got heads. I dropped an earring the other day; it rolled under the bed and stopped right in the middle, JUST out of reach. I reached for my car keys inside my purse; it kept sliding away from me, just beneath all the other stuff I keep in there; I ended up tossing everything out to get to it. When picking the right key out of a bunch to open the filing cabinet, I couldn’t pick the correct one right away, but had to try EVERY SINGLE ONE before I got to the right one. Why do all these things happen? My theory: leprechauns!