A Shopping Moratorium… And a Challenge!

Today I decided to declare a moratorium on grocery shopping! Being the sucker for specialty food stores that I am, especially those stores such as Earth Fare, Trader Joe’s, and the like, It has become a Saturday ritual to frequent these heavenly places, regardless of whether or not there is a need–or an actual lack–of a specific food item.

Needless to say, there is no resisting the wonderful loaf of artisan bread that seems to have just come out of some Tuscan mud oven and beamed directly to the shelf, à la Scotty of Star Trek fame. Or some delicious-looking brick of hard cheddar cheese, or those luscious olives from the olive bar; even the self-serve freshly crushed peanut butter, or those fragrant organic peaches in season brought straight from a neighboring farm. Who can resist the lunch bar (in the case of Earth Fare), with the most original, exotic and tastiest dishes to be found in such an establishment? The salads! The soups! The stir fry’s! Lunch as a decadent indulgence.

And then there are the health & beauty products: the hand-milled soaps that look (and probably are) good enough to eat, the eco-friendly household products, the alternative cures for what ails us. On and on. Each trip costing an average of $70+, conservatively speaking.

But what’s happened to my food budget? It’s gone the way of the National Debt. Sky high! And yet, each time I open my pantry or fridge, all sorts of cans, boxes, containers, bags, etc. spill over uncontrollably. It’s almost like the teenage daughter who opens her filled-up closet and still complains, “I have nothing to wear!”

So now I’ve vowed to NOT show my face at any grocery store–specialty or not–until I’ve managed to go through every scrap of edible product in storage at home, reserving the odd emergency trip only to buy those items that by virtue of their shelf life cannot last out the week (fruits, dairy); I don’t even need to buy vegetables, thanks to an industrious husband whose well-tended garden regularly graces our table with its bounty.

I hereby challenge myself to come up with creative ways to use all those cans of beans and soups that have accumulated; all those boxes of pasta, rice, and instant mashed potatoes that languish in the cupboard; all those frozen veggies, ground chevon, tilapia, hot dogs and pizza crust; all those jars of marmalade, different flavors of mustard, salad dressings, and meat marinades. OMG! What will result from all that? Perhaps I should post some of the more outlandish results in later entries.

Of one thing I’m sure: the Iron Chef won’t hold a candle to my culinary creativity (but then again, I might just get Chopped!).

Wish me luck y’all!

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  1. Your writing has always been good, but it just keeps getting better and better, if you don’t mind my saying. Good post! 🙂

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