Gandhi’s Mirror

Someone sent me this today; I don’t know if it’s true, but I thought it was inspiring just the same. I’m transcribing verbatim:

Someone asked Mahatma Gandhi which are the factors that can destroy a human being. His response was:

  • “Politics without principles,
  • “Pleasure without commitment,
  • “Wealth without work,
  • “Wisdom without character,
  • “Business without morals,
  • “Science without humanity,
  • “Prayer without charity.

“Life has shown me that people are courteous if I am courteous; people are sad if I am sad; people love me if I love them; people are mean if I hate them; people smile if I smile; people scowl if I am scowling; that the world is happy if I am happy; that people get mad if I am mad; that people are grateful if I show gratitude. Life is like a mirror; if I smile, the mirror returns the smile. The same attitude I have towards life is what life will have towards me.

“He who wishes to be loved, must love first.”

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