Further Thoughts on Retirement

In approximately 6 weeks I’ll officially be saying “good-bye” to the world of the employed. I’ll finally get to stay home and occupy my time in pursuits that actually mean something to me. Or to nothing at all! Although the latter is very unlikely. Things keep piling up on my “to do” list. It’s getting pretty much like, “oh, I’ll do that after October 31st” or, “I’ll read this after Oct. 31,” or “I’ll work on this after Oct. 31” and so on.

People keep asking me what will I do once I retire, won’t I be bored? I wonder why. Is it so strange that one may have NO PLANS for a change? However, I’m afraid by the time Retirement comes, I’ll be so bogged down with so many commitments, goals, projects, etc., that I’ll end up needing a vacation from retirement!

These are some of the projects I intend to tackle after the 31st of October:


  • finish all my UFOs (Unfinished Objects, for those non-quilters out there)
  • start a couple of projects I’ve been putting off for lack of time
  • get serious about listing items on my online store (Arts & Quilts)
  • make gifts for Xmas


  • do something with all the materials I’ve been saving, either to sell, or to give as gifts, or both
  • start putting photos into albums (scrapbooking being a form of craft these days, with all the embellishments that are available in the market today)
  • make handmade Xmas cards to send out this year (or maybe next)
  • finish the unfinished knitting projects


  • get the house in order; get rid of useless stuff and/or put things in their proper place
  • clean out closets, cupboards, inside kitchen cabinets, etc.
  • make an effort to cook REAL meals every day (continue with my “shopping moratorium” project I started a few weeks ago, which I had to suspend because of–you guessed it–lack of time)
  • organize bookshelves, particularly cookbooks


  • maintaining an online presence via blogs, photos, marketing, etc.
  • acting as agent for the creative geniuses behind the Marshall Arts endeavor
  • maintain my online store
  • get through all the readings that I’ve hoarding all those books for
  • dedicate more time to Healing Hugs, the quilts-for-charity project
  • support the activities inherent to being a Providence Associate

So people, no worries. I WILL have stuff to do once I retire; I will NOT be bored; I will NOT miss work.


4 thoughts on “Further Thoughts on Retirement

  1. As a two-year retiree, I can vouch for the fact that you will have plenty to keep you busy. I don’t miss working at all and my day is full.

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