How to Succeed in Business…?

It never ceases to amaze me to see all the creativity and ingenuity that goes into setting up a successful online business these days. The ingenuity that it takes to figure out and to tap into a particular niche that fulfills a need that we didn’t even know existed but that, lo and behold, it was there all along, just waiting to be awakened!

But not only that. I’m amazed at the creativity required to design an attractive website–or other similar vehicle–and most importantly, the method used to be noticed by the world at large. How to achieve the most visibility, how to be noticed in this sea of millions, how to be “different,” how to generate attention. I recently saw a YouTube clip where a marketer was saying that the total size of the Internet doubles every 11 hours! That means that 11 hours from now the total content of the internet, of all the activity, comments, posts, updates of personal pages, blog postings, etc., will be double what it is right now! That is quite daunting. Is this growth sustainable? Is it finite? How do we know when we have reached the point of absolute saturation? Or will we?

In a way, it is great that opportunities for success in business are now so accessible to almost anyone with a laptop, an Internet connection, and a great idea. No longer does one need a bunch of cash, or investors, or a great deal of bureaucracy to set up a storefront (a virtual one, that is). We can all do it–maybe. But, isn’t this very ease of access the hidden weapon that also has the potential to destroy these initiatives?

In this overpopulated cyber world it is a true champ he (or she) who is able to break through and “makes it” in the online business arena. And yet, we all continue to try one way or another. Even I with this humble and unpretentious little blog, I continue to hope for people to see it, to comment on it, to somehow get my message–whatever one it happens to be. In other words, to GAIN VISIBILITY, or to GARNER MORE HITS (the new mantra). And I’m not even selling anything!

I wonder what we did in the “olden days?” Just think of all the unheard voices of the past! Well, I for one am glad for this miraculous vehicle. Maybe my voice will be heard somewhere, by somebody, someday (or maybe not), but I continue to try. And who knows? I may even try to sell you something someday.:)


One thought on “How to Succeed in Business…?

  1. I always think and have thought that people were just way less loud back then, with less need to blab everything to the world, less need to broadcast, less need to cash in on the ’15 minutes of fame’. Maybe busier with other things? Maybe they were psychologically more stoic? Also it seems to me that the social structures of ‘back then’ allowed for more families to be together and friends together all in the same town, even, for generations. You didn’t have ppl in a disjointed society, like today, trying to make up for community with ‘twitter’ or ‘fb’.

    As far as the businesses, ‘ver para creer’ digo yo.

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