Things that make me happy

In life there are Big Events, and then there is the everyday collection of trivia that practically go unnoticed because of their seemingly insignificant nature. However, I believe that it is precisely this collection of small events (or things) that, added up–or by themselves–determine whether we’re feeling lousy or great at any given time.

Since I’ve always thought that it’s best to “accentuate the positive,” here is my collection of trivial events or things that give me happiness, whether individually or combined:

  • Toilet seat covers in public restrooms
  • The smell of coffee brewing in the morning
  • The light turning green as I approach the intersection
  • Having the time to stop by for coffee at the QT station on my way to work
  • Finding the right key in my key ring at first try
  • Realizing I had more money in my wallet than I thought
  • Going to the Coffee Shop after work
  • Rainy days when I can be cozy at home
  • Finding a parking space in the shade
  • NOT getting lost on my way to an unfamiliar place
  • GPS (I get lost a lot)
  • Peanut butter & Nutella, combined
  • Nutella & yogurt, combined
  • Not feeling guilty after consuming Nutella
  • Getting on the scale and realizing I’ve lost weight–or haven’t gained any
  • A good cup of tea after lunch
  • Finding the perfect piece of fabric for a project
  • Buying fabric
  • Sewing perfectly straight seams with perfect seam allowances
  • Making a quilt
  • Quilt shows
  • Tea rooms
  • Concerts in the park
  • Getting in bed after a long day, and indulge in a favorite pastime
  • Being able to listen to streaming radio on my cell phone

Well, I guess I’ll leave it at that, although I could go on. Because the more I think about it, the more things I find that make me happy. I think I’ll print this list to look at whenever frustration begins to creep up. What small things make you happy?