Adventures of the Newly Retired

Day 1

Today is my second day of Retirement. Yesterday was spent getting my bearings, getting my laptop set up the way I want it, cleaning up my files, and unpacking some of the boxes brought from work.

My first “yikes!” came in the form of a gecko that had sneaked into my sewing room and was making itself at home behind the couch. I’m not afraid of geckos per se, but I prefer them in their natural habitat; that is to say, OUTSIDE. So after a few skirmishes where the outcome was somewhat iffy, I finally coaxed it to take his leave out the door and into “the wild.” (Whew!)

Day 2

My second “yikes!!!” came today in the form of a big time INFESTATION of the worse kind: in the kitchen; in the dry goods. ALL OVER. Moths and their corresponding larvae were nesting quite cozily in just about all the boxes, bins, bags, and jars of everything from nuts to grains. It was quite gross. The reason I found this was I was merrily planning a great dinner for this evening, consisting on lentils and couscous; it was going to be a crock-pot dish. But shockingly, when I picked up the jar of lentils, there they were! Ach!

So I spent most of the day going through every single container in my pantry–some which, I’m embarrassed to admit, had been there for at least two years–throwing out most of their contents, sometimes containers & all, and trying to find more suitable storage for the few items that were still left untouched. It wasn’t at all the way I had intended to spend this day, but alas, one must do what one must do.

At any rate, what had become a project that I was looking forward to developing once time was on my side: that which prompted my original post entitled “Shopping Moratorium,” which was intended to be an exploration into those unused pantry items from which new and creative recipes would spring, has become drastically reduced in scope, since I am no longer faced with the challenge of recycling what I already had. Still, however, I managed to come up with a somewhat unusual recipe for some chocolate pasta I uncovered–a Xmas stocking stuffer for my husband from a few years ago–and other ingredients I managed to salvage. Recipe posted here.

Day 3

This was a day for being out. I had my first official Yoga class in the morning and I was quite surprised that most of the moves were not new to me at all, since I recognized them from having been practicing them on my own before with the aid of books and magazines.

The next thing was getting together with my quilting friends from the “Healing Hugs” quilts for charity group. I’ve posted about this before. It was great being able to finally show up during the day when everybody else is there, instead of getting there hurriedly after work, just about when they were getting ready to close for the day.

Showing off

Quilting bees

Day 4

We have come to the end of the “work week.” I feel I’ve accomplished much, but at the same time very little. I haven’t been able to focus on the projects I had in mind, such as making quilts, making crafty things for Etsy, posting things on Etsy, making stuff for Xmas, keeping up with my blogs (see here, here, and here), and basically working on developing a viable marketing plan for my business projects. Oh well, the saying that “the best plans of mice & men often go astray” is very true. Or, as my mother would put it, “Uno propone y Dios dispone” (one proposes, and God disposes). I did accomplish one thing today: I created a new recipe for a moisturizer that I want to call “Velvety Moisturizing Butter.”

Maybe next week will be more productive. That is always the hope. I promised myself I wouldn’t fall into the “mañana, mañana” syndrome, so I’ll make sure to be vigilant as to the fact that time has a way of getting away from us.