Velvety Moisturizing Butter

This is a home-made recipe for a really smooth, creamy and soothing cream that I like to use particularly during cold weather, when the skin seems to become parched with dryness. It is especially effective against the cracks that I would always get on my fingers during the cold months.Thanks to this wonderful cream that I invented, I’ve been free of those very painful annoyances. The best thing is that it is absolutely free of any chemicals, preservatives, or artificial ingredients, as you will see from the recipe below:


Mix equal parts of cocoa butter and coconut oil at room temperature, preferably when the coconut oil is in solid form, add 1/3 part of Shea butter, 1/4 part of liquid glycerin, a few drops of Vitamin E in liquid form, and your favorite essential oils. Mix well and store in a cool dark place. If it becomes too runny, store in the refrigerator.


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