Are you with me on this?


Human beings are social creatures. This is the principle behind the concept of family, of our ability—and the need—to cultivate relationships, and the drive to reach out to others in solidarity if we see the need. God gave us the ability to communicate for this very purpose. So that we could stay close together, help one another, support one another. We alone cannot exist. Cannot thrive. We see it in nature as well. Most creatures need their peers to survive. Just about every living thing is part of a harmonious “circle of life,” where everyone is connected in one fashion or another. The ideal is everything and everybody working together towards a common goal.

This inter-connectedness is what usually feeds our expectations that our “support network” will be there to help us in times of need; and by the same token, that at times we will be counted upon to lend that helping hand, that word of encouragement, that token of appreciation that someone else may need.

Which takes me to my main point: I’m cashing in my “solidarity rewards points,” so to speak. Now the need has hit close to home and I’m appealing to my circle of friends and family for support. My daughter Alicia and her husband Jim are in dire need of completing their work with the non-profit organization that they work for; their work has been quite prolific during the last few years, reporting, researching, and producing media (,; however, funding for these projects is quite rapidly dwindling down. We need to raise $5,000 so that their work with this organization (Southeast Review of Media, Culture & Politics, SCRC), as well as their work with Marshall Community Arts, also sponsored by SCRC, can continue. Please visit and make a donation. Your donation will go a long way towards preventing yet one more family from joining the group of the unemployed.

Nobody is free from hardship. As quoted sagely by my grandmother, “hoy por ti, mañana por mi,” which loosely translated from the Spanish goes something like, “today it’s my turn, tomorrow may be yours.” Please help ME today; tomorrow I may be called upon to help YOU. Thanks!