Just Another Small Push!

My daughter has been frantically promoting her latest art project funding campaign through www.kickstarter.com, and I must say I’m thoroughly impressed by the amount of support she has received from all corners of the world! She has had press exposure, and pledges from as far away as Japan. I’m truly thankful for the kindness of our fellowmen (and women!), something that is quite refreshing to see, and which restores my faith in human beings.

I know my friends and associates have been inundated with pledge requests from me during these past few days, so at the risk of appearing redundant, I will once again include the project description and all pertinent information here, just in the off chance that there may be someone else out there who has not–strangely enough–heard of it.

So here goes:

Most of you know Alicia, my daughter, an Art Major struggling to make it in the competitive and elusive realm of the arts. We all know the hardships emerging artists have to face before they get established, particularly during hard times in general–such as those we all face at present. I don’t need to tell you about Alicia’s struggles in particular, but suffice to say that she is seriously committed to her calling, and is willing to take on the sacrifices involved in the pursuit of her art. I’d like to tell you about her latest project, “90 Paintings in 90 Days – J.M.W Turner & Me,” a Kickstarter Project. Briefly, Alicia wishes to celebrate the work of J.M.W. Turner by doing 90 paintings in the style of Turner on pieces of driftwood collected in and around her homeplace in Appalachia, during the space of 90 days. It is a wonderful project. A worthwhile project. Please visit here for a full description. That is why I’m hoping she can get the funding she needs to complete this project. Which is the reason for this message. I’m hoping to get enough interest from among my friends and associates so that together we can help get this project off the ground, and thus help another rising star take flight. But time is running out. The project will only be funded if at least $3,200 are pledged by: 10PM (EST) February 4th. So far, almost $1000 have been pledged, with a $1000 challenge if another $1200 can be found before the deadline of Feb.4. If 60 more backers contribute $20 each, we will have reached our goal! But any donation, large or small is appreciated. Won’t you help Alicia reach her goal? Will you tell your friends?

The above was contained in an email I forwarded to all my friends and acquaintances just Monday last (edited for the sake of timeliness). The response has been phenomenal! So now, a mere 3 days before deadline, I’m hoping for the last push that will take us to the Finishing Line. We need $1200 more by 10PM Feb.4th! We can do it. I know we can!

I’m attaching Alicia’s website/blog info for those of you who would like to see her art. It’s truly inspiring (even if I do say so myself…!). Thanks to all who have already pledged and to you who are going to do so. I am blessed to know you!