I am thrilled to post the success of my daughter’s KickStarter campaign, At about 1:00 P.M. today, 9 hours away from the deadline, the goal was finally reached. The many hours of hard work, gathering contact lists, sending out emails, contacting people, posting updates, promoting the project, etc., finally paid off. I must say I can imagine how a successful candidate must feel when he/she sees funding appeals take shape. It is a wonderful feeling to see how many people from all walks of life, all different parts of the country–in this case, the WORLD, since there were pledges received from as far away as Japan–come together towards a common goal. It is quite enlightening to realize how those people whom one never expected garnering support from come through (and conversely, those who one thought were shoe-ins for sure, remain conspicuously silent).


I now invite all you to follow along on Alicia’s journey as she updates her newly created blog. Her road ahead is arduous, since her goal is to create a painting a day for 90 consecutive days! Come rain, come shine; come sickness, come health; come feast, come famine; come hell or high water. But that’s not all–to quote our favorite cheesy TV ads–once the work is completed, she then has the even more arduous task of marketing her work with galleries and other possible exhibition venues, the ultimate goal being the launching of career as a bona-fide artist.

Let’s wish Alicia the best of luck in this and many other future endeavors. But let this also be a shout out to all artists in general, who are out there beating the bushes trying to get their work recognized and appreciated–ultimately trying to make a living from it, naturally.


3 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Without Monica, the chances of success would have approached zero. Thankfully, she was with us each step of the trek.

    These works will be about something; they will help to contextualize water and nature and humanity’s relation to it; they will build the Marshall Arts and attendant community capacity in so many ways. They are the best sort of investment for a truly human future.

  2. Yay mom!!!! so thanks to you!!!! you singlehandedly gave all the momentum when I had lost steam—– were it not for you none of this would be true now. STill have 6 more hours to go and will welcome any additional funds – all will go towards helping me re. specific varnishes I can then incorporate into my project

    • Oh, not just me! It’s been a collective effort. I just provided some added resources, but I cannot-will not take all the credit. Also, it helps to have a wide network to draw from…:-)
      Now the ball is in your court. Make it happen!

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