HQ’s Garden – Part II

HQ’s Garden – Part II.

I have this penpal from Singapore. Her name (pseudonym) is Ammy. She is a very sweet and creative person. Please check out her post, which is filled with beautiful photos taken by her. If I were half as creative as she, I’d be happy.


2 thoughts on “HQ’s Garden – Part II

  1. Aw Monica, you’re too kind! Thank you! 🙂 Hope you’ve got something in the mail by now! 😀 And sorry it’s taken so long. 😦

    • Great! I just returned from my trip to Chile and your “mailer” was awaiting me! How wonderful it is! You’ve really outdone yourself. I wonder if all your pen pals are as lucky as I am to be recipient of such cool and clever things. As soon as I can get back into the swing of things I’ll prepare my response. I don’t know if it will come up to such high standards, but I’ll sure give it my best try.

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