The Power of Faith

English: Pictograph/icon for child adoption. Č...

English: Pictograph/icon for child adoption. Česky: Piktogram/ikona symbolizující osvojení/adopci dítěte. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Sometimes we think that by going to church every Sunday, or by saying a prayer every once in a while, our faith matters are taken care of.  We’re “good.” We’re doing our part for the nourishment of our soul, and possibly for the salvation of others. But then: disaster happens, or our life gets turned upside down, or we are faced with terrible grief; where is our faith then? Can we in all honesty say that our faith is strong enough to withstand all of life’s vicissitudes–the bad AND the horrible? Are we strong enough to face life’s difficulties with an open heart, and with an unwavering faith that God will in the end take care of us, that He will “come through” for us? Personally, I don’t think I can always. Sure, I have faith in God’s mercy, in His limitless love for me; but sometimes I cannot help but feel despair when the going gets rough, or when it feels like He has taken the day off and is not listening. In other words, it’s easy to be all “gung-ho” when things are going our way, when all is right with the world, but let something go wrong, and BAM! there goes our faith, out the window. Am I wrong?

This is why it never ceases to amaze me to witness my son and his wife’s TREMENDOUS faith in the face of the oh-so-difficult adoption they are working on right now. You can read all about their journey by clicking on the link above. I am humbled every time I read their postings and realize that despite all the difficulties they are facing in this exhausting process, their attitude is optimistic, joyful and full of excitement. Theirs is not “IF” such and such happens, but “WHEN” it happens. There has been no question in their minds that this journey they have embarked on will see a happy conclusion at the other end. With such resolute and steadfast faith there cannot be any other outcome. There just can’t.



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  1. Monica, thank you so much for your kind words! The adoption journey is certainly not an easy one, and we do get discouraged. But we both have faith that God wouldn’t have brought us on this journey unless he intended for us to finish it! Thank you so much for your support & encouragement.


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