Some typical patterns

As I have mentioned in a previous post, certain conventions exist in regards to quilting. A lot of them are geographical, such as the Carolina Lily. This pattern emerged in the 30s, and here can be found more infoon how to produce it.

my rendition

Others just are lovely patterns that creative ladies cooked up, and which then passed into the ‘cannon’, so to speak.

Pierce N Quilt

A fairly typical block pattern is the Star Flower (source of pic above). Its simplicity of line and execution make it especially attractive to beginners.
Janet Wickell
Another lovely pattern for beginners is the log cabin pattern. Many variations of this can be created, as tutorials here(source of pic above) and heredemonstrate.
Inspired by “Between the Lines” from designer Mabeth Oxenreider Quiltmaker: Laura Boehnke
Another pattern that lends itself to massive customization/variation is the nine patch. Essentially, with this pattern you take 9 squares and patch them together. That simple! As might be expected, many ways of executing exist, such as here, here, and here(source of pic above).
Janet Wickell

A fun variation of the nine patch is the disappearing nine patch: essentially, you take your nine patch, cut it in half, and rearrange(see pics above) The disappearing nine patch is a great way to create wonderful dimensionality and complexity with very simple materials.

Janet Wickell
Make sure to share with me your favourite quilt patterns.

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