Under the Weather :(

I try to post by 11am every morning, but I have been feeling under the weather lately, I’m sorry to say. So much so that I chose to cancel my participation in the crafts fair this weekend! Too much to do when one does not feel one’s best. Three days of selling, plus the added strain of setting up shop then breaking it down prove too much even under the best of circumstances!

If you are in the area of the crafts show, though, I encourage you to go see all the other great stuff they have. It’s in downtown Asheville at 125 South Lexington Ave. It last from Friday evening through Sunday, and would have been lots of fun to see.

I will just briefly share a quilt I made in the past, since I have made this weekly commitment to share my work with whoever happens to show up.

This was my take on the Carolina Lily, a standard pattern I described here. The photo does not show up the colors well, making the whole thing look a lot more olive than it is in real life, but overall I think it was a nice project, and the sort of thing that can be used to make a larger quilt later on.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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